lunes, 12 de marzo de 2018

Answer to the problem of the week: Fractions Puzzle

Cut up the pieces of this puzzle into squares (don’t cut the diagonal lines!)

Now try to put the square pieces together without rotating any of them (so that in the finished puzzle all the numbers are the right way up).

Two pieces may only go next to each other if the edges that touch contain fractions that are equivalent.

Word Scramble. Unit 7: Fractions

Revise the vocabulary of the Unit 7 through the following Word Scramble.

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2018


Remember the exercise 3 of the Unit 7 (Fractions):

Design a flag with 4 colours. Each colour must be a different fraction of the flag. Describe what fraction of the flag is made from each colour.

Here you are a  presentation made out of your works.